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Advents: sounds of UK indie, done pretty well

I have a massive soft spot for the sounds of British indie/rock: fuzzed-out, chorusy guitars; relaxed vocals, weaving guitar lines and motifs. So do many contemporary Malaysian bands, apparently (we really can’t shake off our colonial roots, can we?), and we’ve learned to do these

Night Skies & Visions: 2021’s pop punk loyalists

I’m calling it – pop punk may have died down in the 2010s, run into the ground by sheer listener fatigue and an overload of Monster-fuelled irony, but for some reason I’ve got a hunch, likely shared by many, that the genre is going to

Mint Cherry: 80s synths and feel-good vibes

The Malaysian Chinese indie scene has been steadily rising in the past four years. Contrary to popular opinion, Chinese-language music here isn’t all Mandopop and Aaron Kwok. There’s a growing awareness of local indie artists among younger Malaysian Chinese listeners. I realise mentioning Kwok hugely

Going on a Modern Soul Trip with Crinkle Cut

Up until now, I never really paid much attention to the music of Crinkle Cut, an indie soul quartet based in Kuala Lumpur – possibly because until now, as far as soul was concerned, my knowledge and focus was almost non-existent/mostly overseas. Which was rather


Mungkin ia hanya persepsi saya, tapi sebagai seorang pemuzik yang telah aktif dalam scene English Indie Malaysia sejak awal 2010, saya rasa macam tidak sedikit dari band dan penyanyi dalam scene ini ada latar belakang sebagai pemuzik dalam gereja-gereja Kristian, atau ada perkaitan sedikit sebanyak


Pertama kali saya mengalami (ya, mengalami – memang kira cliche sedikit perkataan ini, tetapi ia sesuai bila bercakap tentang kumpulan ini) muzik band indie tempatan The Filters adalah kira-kira dua, tiga tahun dahulu – pada suatu malam di bar/venue The Gaslight di Bukit Damansara yang